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Beyonce’s Stylist Talks Through Her Reformation Hair

From braids to that pony...

Beyonce’s Formation video was memorable for many reasons, but one thing that stayed in our mind, other than the vintage outfits and clever choreographing, was the extensive range of hairstyles that both B and her dancers wore throughout. From cornrow braids, to netted buns, curls to coloured wigs, we were left thinking just who created all these killer ‘dos.

It turns out the various looks in the video and also on her Formation tour were crafted by none other than her stylist Neal Farinah, who posted a video on Facebook that has gained over a minion views, explaining the thought process behind each creation.

In the video, he talks through the initial ideas behind the styles and says that they stemmed from the variety in the women. We all know Beyonce to be a strong supporter of self belief and embracing yourself , ‘Flaws And All.’

Each and every look was a ode to empowering woman and all their different hair textures, not just African American women but women everywhere around the world.

You’d be wrong to think that Queen B takes a back seat when it comes to deciding what looks she’ll be sporting. In fact, Beyonce brings all the ideas to her stylist, who revealed that she actually used to work in a beauty salon when she was younger.

The two of them then work collaboratively together to crete each and every look. Remember the iconic long plaited pony? B’s idea, of course.

Just one more talent to add to her ridiculously long list, then…