Beyonce Knowles Actually Has A Hair Closet In Her House

Thought Beyonce Knowles had it all? Well, it turns out she really, really does.

While we expected Bey to own a walk-in wardrobe, an insane shoe collection and a make-up stash big enough to fill a branch of Boots, what we didn’t realise is that she also has a closet just for her hair.

Yep, HAIR.

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> Beyonce Knowles loves to experiment with her ‘do


How do we know this? Well, Flaunt magazine recently got Beyonce to partake in a spot of word association – and it turned out to be quite insightful.

When she was asked to write something next to the term ‘overpopulated’, she scribed ‘my hair closet’. Wowzers.

Obviously this is pretty crazy information. But what we really want to know is what’s in this closet.

Are there accessories? Straighteners? Curlers? Hairbands? Bows? Spray? Glitter?! Does she have kirby grips scattered everywhere like us?

> Beyonce Knowles has rocked hundreds of different hairdos over the years


We know Bey, 34, has experimented with hairpieces over the years, so we wouldn’t be hugely surprised if the room is boasting a large selection of wigs.

Whatever she’s got in there, it’s clearly pretty amazing. Because Bey’s hair never looks anything less than perfect.

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The rest of the word association game was also pretty eye-opening. Next to ‘polluted’ she wrote ‘social media’ and alongside ‘iconic’ was the term ‘overused’.

> Beyonce Knowles is on the cover of the latest issue of Flaunt


Considering Beyonce has been labelled an icon numerous times AND has an impressive 45.5 million Instagram followers, we’re a little surprised by these answers.

But we love that she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.

She also made us melt when she associated ‘confidence’ with her and hubby Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Nawww.

> Beyonce Knowles credits her daughter Blue Ivy


However, the most cryptic part of all came when she scribbled the word ‘bipolar’ next to ‘celebrity’ – and then crossed it out.

Um. What does that mean, Bey?!