5 Best Zombie Makeup Tutorials That Are Easy To Copy

Looking for amazing zombie makeup tutorials that won't take you all day? Here's our round-up of the best on YouTube...

When it comes to Halloween, there are just those go-to makeup looks that you KNOW work. And zombie makeup tutorials are definitely ones we always have hiding in our bookmarks.

Thankfully, there are so many epic zombie makeup tutorials floating around on YouTube that you’re actually kind of spoilt for choice. Which is why we’ve decided to round up the best tutorials for you to copy at home, just in time for 31st October.

Whether you’re after simple and fast, or so terrifyingly realistic that it looks like you’ve just walked off the set of The Walking Dead, there’s something for everyone. Keep scrolling for the best zombie makeup tutorials on the web!

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  1. This ghoulishly bloody zombie makeup tutorial

We’re big fans of this tutorial, largely because it won’t take you five hours (and you don’t need to be a total MUA pro), but the effect is still seriously striking.

2. This ‘I’ve just been bitten to death’ zombie makeup tutorial

The veins, the contacts, the gaping hole in the side of her neck… This makeup look is so creepy, you probably won’t be able to look in the mirror afterwards. But hey, at least you’ll impress at your next Halloween party…

3. This rotting face zombie makeup tutorial

We’ve got to hand it to her – this lady’s eye makeup looks totally fierce. But one look at that blood-soaked mouth and we’re ready to run. FAST. Even better, all you need is cotton wool to pull off this one – genius!

4. This super easy zombie bride makeup tutorial

Proof that a good Halloween makeup tutorial doesn’t have to take ages – just powder up your face and smudge your eyeliner to the max, and you’re done!

5. The OTT zombie makeup tutorial

This horrifying zombie look is one for those truly dedicated to their Halloween transformation this year, because you’ll definitely have to put aside a few hours to pull this one off. However, the effects are striking, and FYI, the scabs are pure loo roll!