Best Valentines Fragrances for Him & Her

Romantic scents that will melt even the prickliest of souls. One for you and one for him. Well, that’s what we’ll tell him anyway.


The dreamers

Spring fields, warm sunlight and loving looks captured in two very different bottles.


For you: Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle, £47.  If love had a scent, then it would be exactly like this.  

For both: Tom Daxon Magnolia Heights, £155. Sweet yet soothing blooms create the basis for this scent.

Shoes, £99, Dune London

The seducers


Alluring scents that will ensure you a little summin summin!

For you: DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush, £37.  A flirty girly fragrance that warms on the skin.

For both: Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka, £105. An addictive aroma sure to set pulses racing.


The Power Couple

Directive fragrances that capture attention without shouting too loudly.

For you: Jimmy Choo L’eau, £36. Visions of elegance and decadence come to life, in just one sniff.

For both: Serge Lutens Bapteme Du Feu, £95. Complex spicy aromas meet together to make a deliciously warm and seductive tone.


Clutch, £55, Dune London

The world travellers


Scents that conjure memories of adventure and drift you off to exotic destinations.

For you: Annick Goutal’s Tenue De Soiree, £80. Like a Moroccan dream in true form.

For both: Clean Reserve Sel Santal, £79. Rich woody, yet uplifting tones that are reminiscent of holidays and transfixing sunsets.


Words & Styling: Lydia Thompson

Photography: Ian Oliver Walsh