This £22 Sell-Out Face Cream Has A Waiting List Of 7,500

Get in line

When there’s a best-selling moisturiser complete with a waiting list, it’s usually because it works. Even if we don’t actually need it in our make-up bags, we want to know what the fuss is about, right?

Take ‘The Ordinary’ for example. Their £6 foundation had a waiting list of over 25,000, and that was before it had even launched, thanks to the recognition from beauty experts because of it’s high-tech ingredients and cruelty free production process. Essentially – when it’s great, the news travels quick.

The Best-Selling Moisturiser With A 7,500 Waitlist

But what’s the best-selling moisturiser in question here? Well, it’s Marks & Spencer’s Ultimate Sleep Cream – a product that has pretty much slipped under the beauty radar, but become a nationwide sell-out none-the-less.

The night cream launched last year and flew off the shelves, causing a waiting list of 7,500 people for when it came back in stock.

So what’s so special about this best-selling moisturiser? Well, it claims to transform your skin in just over four weeks. Transform is a hefty old claim, but our Deputy Beauty Editor Chloe can back up that it leaves skin feeling way softer, smoother and brighter overnight. Plus it’s been proven that continued use will help fight the 10 signs of ageing from deep lines, age spots and fatigue, to helping improve the skins elasticity.

And luckily, it is back in stock (not for long) and can be purchased for £22 here. Go, go, go!

By Paige Mooney