12 Best Red Lipsticks For Winter

Red lipstick is a staple to every girl's make-up bag. LOOK have rounded up the best ones right now so that you can be sure to look amazing...

Red lipstick is the ultimate beauty staple that no woman should be without. Ok, you might not be up for wearing it everyday, but one swipe of the perfect red lippie when you’re feel down, will most definitely make you feel like a whole new woman. And with today being National Lipstick Day, we’ve got a reason to tell you about our must-have beauty staple.

Research actually shows the wearing a red lipstick can make you feel more confident, stronger and braver. So there’s no excuse for not taking it into your next big board meeting with you. Red is also the colour of love and lust, making men all go a little weak at the knees when they see the colour swiped over your pout.

And not forgetting red lippie is amazing for making your teeth look whiter too. Put down the white strips and spit out the coconut oil, all you really need is a good blue-based red lipstick and you’ll be set to go.

Not found your perfect red lipstick just yet? Let us help you. We spoke to Rimmel London’s official make-up ambassador, Kristen Piggott, about how to pick the perfect lipstick for your skintone . Here’s what she said…

“People normally pick a red lipstick according to their skintone, I like to choose the right shade in a slightly different way. Turn your hands so your palms face the ceiling, then look at the colour of your veins on your wrist. If they’re blue you’ve got pink undertones in your skin and therefore lipsticks with a blue tone are better for you. If you’ve got green veins then you’ve got yellow undertones in your skin, so wear a complimentary orange/red lipstick. If you’ve got a mixture of both blue and green you’re a lucky lady, that means you can pretty much wear any shade.”

Check out our red lipstick gallery to find ‘the one’ for you.