This £5 Body Oil Doubles Up As The BEST Mosquito Repellent

So good, apparently even the marines use it...

If you’re somebody who gets bitten a lot by mosquitoes in summer, then you’ll have probably tried every mosquito repellent under the sun to repel the annoying little flies. Because nothing can ruin a holiday more than mosquito bites. They’re annoying, ugly and gahd damn itchy.

There are all the home remedies for trying to stop moz bites from happening: like eating marmite, garlic or taking Vitamin B tablets. I, for one, can testify that I have tried all these options before – and still served up a tasty dinner for mosquitoes afterwards.

Then there’s the high % DEET option. Yes, it works. But DEET is so packed full of chemicals it can even melt off your nail varnish. And so some people just don’t really like the idea of putting it on their skin.

The solution? Well, did you know that there’s a body oil that’s under £5 that manages to double up as a mosquito repellent just as a bonus?!

£5 Body Oil That Doubles As Mosquito Repellent

The miracle lotion in question is Avon’s Skin So Soft Original Dry Body Oil. It’s actually Avon’s no.1 bestseller and five are bought every single minute! Originally formulated to help lock in moisture after bathing, it’s infused with natural oils and jojoba oil, which is thought to be the ingredient that the mosquitoes hate.

Plus, people on Twitter are claiming that it’s so good at repelling mosquitoes, even the marines use it.

In a recent Twitter thread replying to Dawn O’Porter, fans praised Avon’s Skin So Soft mosquito repelling properties.

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