Best Lip Oils: LOOK’s Top Picks

Lip oils are SO underrated but so necessary!

Oils have slowly but surely secured their place in skincare cupboards everywhere as well loved beauty boosters.

Many of us met oils with a teeny bit of anticipation, which is completely understandable – putting oil on our faces sounds terrifying.

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But, if you’ve tried, tested and fallen in love with oils, you’ll know and love the amazing beauty boosting benefits of using them.

The majority contain lots of naturally derived ingredients and vitamins for a super healthy, nourishing treatment… What more could you ask for in a beauty product?!

It’s no wonder that oils are loved as part of any beauty regime and is used on multiple body parts. Nail oil? Lifesaver. Hair oils? Love them. Facial oil? YAS.

But, a place that may of seemed unusual to pop your oil, is your lips. It’s somewhere we’ve barely thought about applying our oils, but take into consideration the dry liquid lipsticks and chapping weather conditions, they are an area that could benefit the most from it.

Enough of our ode to oil, check out our favourite lip oils below…

By Catherine Delves