We Now Know The Best Instagram Filter, Thanks To Science

How many of us spend hours (or, realistically, a very concentrated 10 minutes) flicking in between a number of Instagram filters, trying to decide on the one that compliments our face? 

Totally. Guilty. 

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Now, science has swooped in to save the day, as the amazing people over at Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech have exhausted over 7.6 million photos (you know, so you don’t have to) in order to answer the question: which is the best Instagram filter? 

>Gigi Hadid’s Instagram selfies are always flawless


Firstly, although we all love to mix things up every so often with a well-lit #NoFilter selfie, the study actually shows that an added filter boosts engagement with your photos, which leads to more likes. 

The results show that Instagram posts with added filters are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to receive a comments. 

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So, which filter do you go for? 

The research shows that filters which increase the warmth, exposure, and contrast of a selfie snap leads to more likes and engagement.



Filter favourites Mayfair, Valencia, Hefe, Nashville and Aden are amongst those that will work to your advantage, based on these findings.

In contrast, Hudson and Clarendon are probably the wrong choice if you’re looking for loads of likes and comments.

Because, who wants less than 10 hearts? THE PAIN.

Watch out Kylie Jenner, we’re armed with science, and we’re coming for your likes… 

And. Snap. 

By Laura Jane Turner