11 Of The Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Give You All The Inspo

Glam or ghoulish - we've got you covered with our round up of the best Halloween makeup tutorials...

Halloween might seem far off, but it’s sneaking up on us quickly! Meaning soon, we’ll all be desperately searching our wardrobes and trying to pull together some kind of scary-but-equally-fabulous look. But if your outfit options are looking a bit meh, then these Halloween makeup tutorials have got you covered.

From the seriously scary (Tanya Burr as a zombie) to just kinda cute (sexy vampire anyone?) here’s all the Halloween makeup tutorials you’ll ever need…

Half Skull Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

Half skull, half face with hella scary contacts. Halloween scare points = 10

Werewolf Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

This one’s going for more of the ‘hey I look kinda scary but also really nice’ vibes


Tanya Burr’s Zombie Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

Tanya Burr looking not her best (…no offense babes) but still, a mega look for Halloween.

Sexy Vampire (‘cos y’know – sometimes you just wanna look nice)

Another option for if you wanna look nice but don’t wanna totally skip ol’ Hallows Eve. Mean Girls approved, shall we say?

Trippy Double Vision Make-Up Tutorial

Just woah. Can’t-stop-staring.

Cheshire Cat Make-Up Tutorial (By Sam Chapman hollaaaaa)

Sam off of Pixiwoo and Real Techniques fame has created this aaaawesome Cheshire Cat that we totally wanna do.

Super Easy (but also great) Cat Make-Up

But if your make-up skillz aren’t up to the Pixiwoo standard – here’s Lucy Wood doing a FOOLPROOF cat. Simples.

Neon Pop Art Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

‘Cos who doesn’t wanna look like a cartoon for Halloween? Eh?

Galaxy Girl Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

For an out-of-this-world look (heh) this Galaxy makeup is amaze

Red Riding Hood Make-Up

A scratched face, creepy eye and cool hood? We can do that!