Best Fitness Apps To Motivate Your Workout

Fitness apps work wonders for our workout motivation. After all, it’s hard to wimp out of a workout when you have an exercise secret weapon in the palm of your hand. Plus, they’re great when it comes to mixing things up. Check out our round up of the best fitness apps for iPhone, best fitness apps for Android and best fitness apps for iPad and say goodbye to workout boredom…

Best Fitness App For Total Body Conditioning: NTC

Whether you’re a workout newbie or fitness fantatic, you need NTC on your phone. The genius app is separated into four categories: Get Lean (high-interval cardio), Get Toned (light weights and interval training), Get Strong (increased weights and reps to build strength) and Get Focused. Get Focused is a favourite with the busy LOOK team as the longest workout is 21 minutes long. Don’t be fooled though – just because they’re shorter doesn’t make them any easier, even the five minute ones are killer. Workouts come from Olympic champions, A-list sportswomen like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova and Nike celeb ambassador Ellie Goulding, and you can also create your own workout programme according to level of fitness. The Sport Feed allows you and your friends to post pictures, and the app has just introduced Yoga and Barre workouts, meaning it really does cover all bases.

Free, iOS, Android

Best Fitness App For Tough Talk: Carrot Fit

A 7 minute workout, step counter and weight tracker, Carrot Fit is for those who like their fitness with a side of sadism. The app is based around the ‘7 Minutes in Hell Workout’ – an hour long workout condensed into 7 sweaty minutes that includes exercises with names like Dragon Mating Dances, Mt. Doom Climbs and Celebrity Face Punches. The ‘Weight Tracker’ is where the sadistic ‘Carrot overlord’ really comes into play. You enter your current weight then sit back as Carrot lets rip and passes judgement with such gems as ‘Get your flabby body moving, meatbag!’ It’s not all mean though. Equally, if you lose weight Carrot will offer encouragement. Beware going too far either way though, as that will make Carrot upset, and that means there’s a 74% chance she’ll make you cry. On another more positive note, if you work out and get yourself in shape Carrot will reward you with app upgrades and erm, cat facts. The app also records how many steps you’ve taken, charts weight loss on a graph and more.

£2.49, iOS, Android

Best Fitness App For Rewards: Fitocracy

Fitocracy works on a reward system, which is a great incentive if you’re struggling with motivation.  Billed as ‘your very own personal trainer’, a coach will take you through an assessment to create a personal plan then build workouts for you. The app will take you through each workout set by set, and there’s also a personalized nutrition plan. The aim is to get to the highest level possible by logging the exercises you’ve done, from weightlifting to dancing, and after you’ve accumulated a certain amount of points, you can ‘level up’ as in a video game. You can also post Facebook and Twitter updates about your progress.

Free, iOS, Android

Best Fitness App For Cyclers: Strava Cycling

With Strava you can pit yourself against cycling pros. The app measure’s your speed, distance and elevation via a smartphone then charts performance through heart rate, average time and a metric known as a “Suffer Score”. Sounds painful. It allows you to compete with other cyclists who have ridden the same section of road or trail and

engage with one another through comments and challenges. Strava even helps users stay on top of equipment by tracking age and status of gear, and also works out the best nearby cycle routes.

Free, iOS, Android

Best Fitness App For Yoga Bunnies: Pocket Yoga

Basically like carrying around your own personal yoga studio, Pocket Yoga will guide you through 27 routines and hundreds of poses, designed for different goals. ‘Ocean’ is all about a cardio workout, ‘Desert’ focuses on detox and flexibility and ‘Mountain’ is power yoga style, and each one comes in 30, 45 and 60 minute options. You can practise the ancient art of stretching and breathing at your own pace, while detailed voice and video instructions explain the moves. Each pose has a detailed write up about why it will benefit your health, and the regimes are designed by experienced yoga instructors. You can also preview a practice to see if it is right for you before beginning, and the app will track your heart rate, calories burned and progress.

£2.99, iOS, Android

Best Fitness App For Gamers: Zombies, Run!

Get ready to run for your life! The premise of Zombie’s Run is that you’re legging it from a hoard of zombies while trying to complete a mission in a post-apocalyptic world. If it sounds a bit like a video game, that’s the point – it’s an ultra-immersive game, where every run becomes a mission, from saving children to collecting medical kits. Via your headphones, you’ll hear the details of your mission, and to up the ante, if you turn on the Zombie Chasers option, you’ll also hear the zombies coming for you. That’s when you really need to get running. Basically, it’s a seriously fun spin on interval training.  If you’re not up to a full run, the makers also have a ‘Couch To 5K’ option.

Free, iOS, Android

Best Fitness App For Community Support: Pump Up

We all could do with an inspirational fitness cheerleader now and again, so why not have millions cheering you on as you achieve and celebrate your health goals. Nothing keeps you more motivated than a few positive words from people who understand you, and with Pump Up it’s never been easier to get fit and healthy. Share your challenges and tribulations with like-minded people from across the globe in one safe and supportive space. Over 2 million people belong to this fitness community so you’ll never be alone.

Free, i0S, Android

Best Fitness App For Giving Back: Charity Miles

Giving back just got a whole lot more exciting with Charity Miles, the app that encourages you to earn money for charities while walking, running or cycling. Just turn on the app, choose a charity and press start – it’s really that simple. As you exercise your distance will be tracked and the money earned, and once you’re finished all you have to do is accept your sponsorship and spread the word (that’s your bit for the world done!).

Free, i0S, Android

Best Fitness App For Tabata Training: Tabata Pro

Get ready to work hard! A version of HIIT (high intensity interval training), the basis of Tabata Training is four minutes of intense interval training/circuit training. A good example is sprinting for 20 seconds and then walking for 10 seconds – Repeat 7 more times for a total of 8 sets (which equals approximately four minutes). Tabata Training can be done with a number of different exercises. The idea is to use an exercise that gets the whole body involved, or at least the major muscle groups. Tabata Training can be done with barbells, dumbells, kettlebells or just bodyweight exercises. This app allows you to customise the number of cycles, programme your timers, restart sessions you left and even features a speaking coach. Plus you can listen to your music whilst working out (Bonus!).

£2.99, i0S, Android

Best Fitness App For Runners: Map My Run

Running is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to keep fit. And now you can track the route you are running as well as the time, speed and pace of your runs with Map My Run. Users can listen to music, call for a ride if they get lost and keep track of miles all with one easy to carry handset. Social media addicts can post directly to Facebook and Twitter through the Map My Run website.

Free, i0S, Android, Blackberry

Best Fitness App For Toning: Tone It Up

Say goodbye to the days where we envied Kendall Jenner for her super lean stomach because we’re about to get some fierce abs ourselves, all with the help of fitness duo Karena and Katrina. These two health beauties are just what the doctor ordered; their app Tone It Up gives you your daily dose of workouts, healthy meals and motivation. Choose from categories like Total Body, ABS and Booty to get you to where you want to be.

£0.79, i0S, Android