Best Fake Tan: LOOK’s Beauty Team’s Favourites

We've rounded down the tip top tans for everyone...

When you’re trying to find the best fake tan, there are a number of things you’re going to want to take into consideration. Do you want an instant tan, that doesn’t need time to develop? Or do you want a gradual fake tan, that’ll keep you bronzed without looking obvious? Or are you looking for something mega-dark to keep your tan as deep as possible?

Because lets face it – even when the sun’s not shining, we still want a golden glow. Without the much-feared streaky legs, the biscuit-y smell and that infamous orange shade.

But luckily for you, our beauty team have tried, tested and sought out the best fake tan out there. Fact. And to be honest there probably isn’t a fake tan that we haven’t tried… (we are VERY dedicated to our jobs.) Plus, the LOOK team all have different skin types and shades, so we all need a different type of fake tan.

The LOOK Beauty Team’s Best Fake Tan

Best fake tan for pale skin? Chloe’s your gal. Want a tan that’s undetectable? Look to Lydia. Or if you want to top up your already tanned skin tone – go for Gabs.

Best Fake Tan For Face

best fake tan for face

Our deputy beauty editor Chloe swears by Charlotte Tilbury’s Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask, £38 as the best fake tan for face. It’s super natural looking, doesn’t break you out or make you look orange. Apply it with a clean, flat foundation brush for the most seamless application.

Best Fake Tan For Pale Skin

best fake tan for pale skin

Another fake tan loved by LOOK’s beauty team is Clarins’ Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster Drops, £27. They let you completely custom your tan, meaning they’re the best fake tan for pale skin. Just add a couple of drops into your everyday moisturiser to give your skin an undetectable glow.

Best Fake Tan Remover

best fake tan remover

Need to get rid of your fake tan in an instant? Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser, £14.99 is your life saver. Best used on tan that’s faded slightly already, apply it to dry skin before waiting 5 mins and hopping in the shower to wash off.

As well as this, we want to introduce you to the 5 New Ways To Fake Tan (a fake tan that promises to tone and tighten?! Er, yes please!), and to help you out with our top tips – head to How To Apply Fake Tan. From how to exfoliate, to which fake tan to pick and when exactly to apply it, it will leave you fully equipped to achieve the most flawless tan you’ve ever had.

So if you’ve got a wedding to go to, a big night out, or you just like having an all-year-long glow, it’s time to read up on our reviews of the best fake tans and up your bronzing skills with our fake tan masterclass. Now go forth and glow!