Best Eyelash Serum: How To Make Your Lashes Grow

Here's how to get longer lashes fast!

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me if my eyelashes are real, in all honesty, I’d probably only have about 50 pounds. But seriously, I can’t tell you how amazing this product is.

Having worn lash extensions for a year, I knew I’d done some damage, so decided to break the cycle and went cold turkey. Anyone who’s worn lash extensions will be able to empathise with me when I say; getting them removed for good is a traumatic experience. My previously thick and lengthy lashes were sparse and broken and I was desperate to return them to their former glory.

I did my research on how to get longer eyelashes, and came across Revitalash Eyelash Serum, £64. The claims were: thicker, longer lashes in as little as 3 months. I was sceptical but decided to give it a go. Created by an ophthalmologist for his wife who lost her lashes due to a long-term illness, you apply the formula as you would a liquid eyeliner, along the lash line once a day.

Everyone wants to get longer eyelashes fast, but for a good 3 months I barely saw any change. I kept at it, though, religiously applying it every night. But, around the 5 month mark, I started receiving comments. A woman in Boots refused to believe I wasn’t wearing lash extensions and only after closer inspection (and some lash tugging) did she accept they were my own.

Eyelash Serum Before And After

Lash envy alert!


As Revitalash seemed to be working wonders, I continued to use it day in day out. Fast forward to a year of using the miracle lash grower and it’s now a weekly occurrence. Not only are my lashes SO long and thick that I can actually go out without wearing mascara and not feel conscious, but people regularly enquire about them.

Whilst getting my makeup done, the MUA could not understand how they were my real lashes. “I’ve honestly never seen anything like it!” She exclaimed. “Come over here and look at this,” she instructed her assistant.

At this point, I feel as though I’m some sort of brand ambassador – or at least, I may as well be.

On my recent holiday to Thailand, I caught a woman staring. She seemed utterly dumbfounded and asked me what I had done and how she too could get eyelashes like these. In response, I drew her a captioned diagram on a note and sent her on her way.

I think at this point, having larger than life lashes has become somewhat of an obsession, but hey, if you’re desperately looking to lengthen your lashes naturally, go get yourself a tube of this super serum and you’ll never look back.

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