Which volume spray is your number one?

Best Dry Texture Sprays: Tried And Tested By LOOK

After more volume and texture for your hair? Then look no further than these styling sprays, sure to bless your barnet with bucket loads of bounce…


Best For: All-Day Bounce

Sebastian Professional Dynamic, £15

It may say dry shampoo on the bottle, but this is so much more. It gives volume at the roots, absorbs excess oil without leaving a speck of white dustiness, gives the lengths texture and lasted the whole day. The bounce it gives can rival a salon blow-dry.



Best for: Budget-Friendly Styling

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray, £6.99

This spray gives roots a great volume boost and creates a cool undone texture in the lengths. Although it doesn’t last as long as the others, the purse-friendly price means you can be a bit more generous when applying.



Best for: A Lighter Hold

L’Oréal Professional Wild Stylers By Tecni.Art Next Day Hair, £14.99

Instantly thickening, this spray doesn’t feel as if you’re overloading your locks with product; it’s light, non-sticky, and can be brushed out. Nevertheless, this lightness means that it doesn’t absorb as much oil, meaning hair might feel on the greasy side by the end of the day.



Best for: Thicker Hair

Sexy Hair Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay, £10

This super innovative product gives the matte texture of a styling clay but in a foolproof aerosol spray. The dry clay is super long-lasting and gives hair an amazing tousled finish. It’s the heaviest formula so it’s best for thicker, unruly hair.



Best for: Refreshing Your Blow-Dry

Unite Texturiza Spray, £23

Need an extra day out of that blow-dry? Then look no further. Unite’s spray refreshes hair, giving body and movement at the same time. But be warned; the hold is gives initially doesn’t last all day.



Annie Quinton