Best Contouring Make-Up For Faking Sculpted Cheekbones

Wanna cheat your way to killer cheekbones? Well you’re in luck, because now you can find the best contouring makeup in our edit of the high street’s finest…

Contouring is going no where thanks to being able to easily fake a chiselled look in just a matter of minutes. With the promise of boosting your bone structure, adding definition and slimming your face, it’s no wonder we’re all hooked.

We know what you’re thinking. You don’t have the time (or the in-house makeup artist) to contour your face, but you really don’t need to look further than the high street for amazing palettes nowadays.

And to make things even easier for you, we’ve pulled together the very best contouring kits on the internet. There are even ones that come with a step-by-step guide, so you can create A-list angles without the price tag and master the art of contouring.

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Whether you’re a contouring beginner or a seasoned expert, we’ve got the perfect kit and brushes to help give you a sculpted look in seconds.

We’ve also got some great tips to ensure you get the most from your product.

For example, you’ll learn that with some contouring makeup, your highlighter will double up as a blusher. With others, you can mix and match your the colours in your palette to create a customised hue for your skin.

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Other contouring makeup kits on our list are better suited for certain types of complexions. Remember, with any cosmetic product it’s important to consider your skin shade and type before buying.

You’ll be *very* pleased to hear that we’ve found contouring makeup for all budgets. Want a cheaper option to start off with? There are some amazing kits for under £10.


If you’re already totally bowled over by the contouring trend (we don’t blame you), we’ve also got some super-useful investment palettes on our list. They’re definitely worth paying a little bit more for.

Still not convinced? Take a look through our gallery and we promise you’ll find the right contouring makeup for you…