Tested: Super Sonic Cleansing Brushes For Your Best Ever Skin

Forget manual cleansing, it’s time to polish up your beauty routine and get your cleanest ever complexion with a super sonic cleansing brush.

Designed to give your skin a deep clean and leave it looking fresher and smoother than ever, the brushes blast away daily grime, cleanse and exfoliate too – all in mere minutes.

Intrigued? We’ve road-tested four of the leading cleansing brushes on the market, to help you find your perfect pairing.

1. Braun FaceSpa, £79.99

This device is the full works. It has three different brushes to combine cleansing, exfoliating and hair removal. The design makes it super easy to hold while gliding across your face, and although it took a while to use all three brushes, the results were impressive.


Braun-FaceSpa Braun FaceSpa, £79.99

2. Crystal Clear IonicSonic Cleanse System, 69.99

Although basic, this brush was definitely efficient. It also came with a face wash, exfoliator and moisturiser, meaning we got serious value for money. The bristles were really soft and the brush has three speed settings, so is idea for those with sensitive skin who want a gentle cleanse.


Crystal-Clear-IonicSonic-Cleanse-System Crystal Clear IonicSonic Cleanse System, 69.99

3. Foreo Luna Mini Facial Brush, £85

This may be small, but boy is it mighty! This pocket rocket did an amazing hob at blasting away the daily onslaught of city grime, and the dainty size makes it an ideal travel companion. It was super easy to use too, and comes with silicon bristles that are easy to clean. Perfect for dipping your toe into the world of cleansing brushes.


Foreo-Luna-Mini-Facial-Brush Foreo Luna Mini Facial Brush, £85

4. Darphin L’Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert, £125

After a two-minute deep cleanse with this, our skin looked like we’d had an hour-long facial! It comes with two heads, one to exfoliate and one to massage moisturiser into your skin afterwards, which are a dream team together. It’s pricy, but left our skin soft and glowy with barely visible pores.


Darphin-LInstitut-Facial-Sonic-Cleansing-and-Massaging-Expert Darphin L’Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert, £125

Helpful hints

  1. Use your cleansing brush with a gel cleanser for the best results, it’ll lightly foam but without making a mess.
  2. After each use rinse the bristles with warm water, followed by cold to ensure it doesn’t breed bacteria.
  3. Aim to change the head of your brush every 3 – 6 months, depending on how often you use it.