9 Of The Best Beauty Apps Around Right Now

Every beauty addict should invest in a selection tools to feed their addiction, and we’re not just talking about the latest lipstick or contouring brush – you need to get techy, too, and these amazingly innovative apps are perfect for just that.

From sourcing makeup swatches to digital selfie analysis, these are the 9 best beauty apps around right now…

Pretty In My Pocket

Next time you’re hovering around the beauty isle wondering whether or not to blow £40 on a lipstick, login to this app first and scan the barcode, to be presented with a selection of online reviews that may help you decide.

Nail Snaps

Ever wanted to turn your edgy Instagram photos into even edgier nail art? Well now thanks to Nail Snaps, you can do exactly that. Once you’ve synched your ‘Gram simply drag the nail template onto your favourite snap and you can have them made into nail stickers!


Source; Kickstarter



Using lighting and zoom, this clever app makes your front facing camera into a mirror you can *actually* rely on. Genius.

Shade Scout

We’re not sure how we ever survived without Shade Scout, such is the brilliance of this app. It works in several ways; you can snap a photo of practically anything in a killer colour, and the app will scan its database to match a lipstick/eyeshadow/makeup, and you can also upload a selfie and try on multiple cosmetics products at once, which included foundations, blushers, eyeshadows and lipsticks. Basically you can have a digital makeover in shades you didn’t know even existed – magic.

Source; PopSugar



Like Beautiful Me, except more precise, Visada analyses selfies to create beauty recommendations for both your hair and skin. It also lets you know about the latest beauty trends, and recommends new products based on your profile. There’s also a ‘Celebrity Match’ feature as so you can find your A-list twin, and copy their makeup secrets…

Cocoa Swatches

As many of us know, the beauty industry doesn’t cater to darker skin tones in many respects, so beauty blogger Ofunne Amaka created an Instagram page that demonstrated what various swatches looked like on women of colour, which eventually led to the creation of this incredible app, which does the same thing. Users can search products and review photos of what they look like on darker skin tones.>


Source; iTunes

Beautiful Me


We’ve always fancied having our own glam squad available for advice, 24/7 and now with Beautiful Me that’s going to be possible. You upload selfies and pics from Facebook and then receive info about how well you’re ageing, your skin type, and foundation recommendations.

Source; iTunes


Modi Face


Want to go blonde but too scared to hit the bleach to see what it’s gonna look like? This app lets you virtually try on any look without committing. (And we’re officially hooked).

L’Oreal Paris Colour Genius


Created in 2012, this app is for diehard L’Oreal lovers, and makeup aficionados alike. Like some of the other apps, (except with L’Oreal products) you can try various makeup looks before you buy, and match/clash everything from your nails to your lippie.

Source; Loreal 


By Georgina Lawton