Benefit Just Made Perfect Eyebrows Super Simple

The pursuit of perfect eyebrows a la Cara Delevingne is seldom easy. In fact, getting them a) even, b) perfectly groomed and c) looking ‘naturally’ full is actually really hard!

But not anymore folks – the future is here, and it looks real good for your brows.

To help us solve every eyebrow dilemma possible (really – anything!), Benefit has launched a whopping THIRTEEN new products including gels, powders and pencils as part of the bumper new Benefit Brow Collection.

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Yep, that’s a whole wardrobe of products entirely dedicated to keeping your caterpillars in check.

The range doesn’t hit stores until 24 June, but because we’re besties with the peeps at Benefit, they’ve given us every single product from the range to play with already! #SorryNotSorry

So to help you get ahead of the game too (there’s going to be a stampede when this collection finally launches!) here’s a breakdown of every product set to hit the counter, and exactly what it does…

1. Gimme Brow, £18.50

If you already love this volumising fibre gel, don’t panic – they haven’t changed the formula! It does now come in more shades (and a new bottle) however, so finding your perfect match is even easier. Use this to give your brows extra oomph and keep them in shape all day.

2. BrowZings, £24.50

Again, if you already love this cult product don’t worry, the formula is still the same. The mini brush has been swapped out for a longer, easy to use fold-away brush, and the compact now comes with a much better mirror – yay! Use this for a total brow-over; fill with the powder then groom with the wax.

Benefit-Brow-Zings BrowZings, £24.50


3. Precisely, My Brow Pencil, £18.50

An ultra thin soft cream pencil, this is ideal for creating super fine strokes for a natural looking brow. Use it fill in the gaps if your brows are fairly sparse.

4. Goof Proof Pencil, £18.50

The easiest brow pencil to use *literally* ever, Goof Proof has been designed for anyone new to brow filling, or if you simply find it tricky. Also perfect if you’re in a rush! Use this if your brows need a little filling or extra definition.

5. Ka-Brow, £18.50

If you prefer gels over powders, Ka-Brow is your perfect filler. Use it to boost sparse or patchy brows, and to define your brow shape too. The built-in brush is one of the best we’ve tried.

benefit-kabrow-eyebrow-gel Ka-Brow, £18.50


6. BrowVo! Conditioning Primer, £21.50

Perfect for keeping your brows looking healthy – and helping them to grow faster – use this primer as a base for your brow products, to keep everything on fleek.

7. Ready, Set, Brow!, £18.50

Everyone needs a Ready, Set, Brow! in their kit. Use it on top of your other brow products or on its own, to hold your brows in shape without any flaking. It lasts for 24 hours too!

8. 3D BrowTones, £18.50

Now this product, is miraculous. If your brows are fairly full and dark this will soften them a little for a multi-tonal finish, while if your brows are fair but you want to give them some oomph, this will give you a brilliant tint of colour that doesn’t look flat. It’s the one you never knew you needed!

Benefit-3d-brow-tones 3D BrowTones, £18.50


9. High Brow, £17.50

The perfect way to give your arches a lift, use this creamy pencil under your brows to highlight and define your shape.

High Brow Glow, £17.50

Just like the High Brow pencil, only even more luminous for serious highlights!

Benefit-High-Brow-Glow-Pencil High Brow Glow, £17.50


11. Grooming Tweezer & Brush, £15.50

Everyone needs a precision brow kit, even if it’s just to keep your strays at bay between wax appointments.

12. Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie, £15.50

Essential for keeping your brows neat and tidy, use the brush to define your brows and the spoolie to keep them well groomed.

13. All Purpose Sharpener, £4

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the brains behind this sharpener? It comes with a size adjuster so that you can use it on any pencil, and a clever little blade cleaning tool.

Benefit Brow Collection


Excited? Yup, we thought so.

The shade range of all the brow products at Benefit has been expanded too, so that it now ranges from the very fair Number One to the very dark Number Six.

Find your shade in one product, and you should be the same number all across the entire line.

Buh-bye bad brows!

By Amy Lewis