Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream: Tried And Tested

The Benefit Air Patrol BB Eyelid Primer is pretty much heaven in a small tube.

It hydrates your eyelids, locks in your eye shadow and can also be used as an under-eye concealer. What more could we want?

It also has a soft, squishy nib at the end, so it applies comfortably onto your lid and won’t cause any irritation, although the precision of the application isn’t that great as it’s a bit bendy, but you can use your finger to blend it out. The product itself is smooth and creamy and actually feels quite relaxing to apply.

The packaging is super fab and the tube itself is perfect for throwing in your make-up bag without taking up much room, even if you want to brighten your un der eyes throughout the day, it’s perfect for whipping out and dabbing to give a quick, refreshed look.

This BB cream is a saver for those who have slightly un-even toned eyelids, as it gives a full coverage and evens out any discoloration and crease lines.

The primer not only works to keep eye makeup in place, but also contains SPF 20 and EnviroDefend Complex to help guard eyelids against environmental stress. Not just a pretty face!

> We applied the Benefit primer to the right-hand eyelid

> We then applied eyeshadow to both eyes

> After 2 hours, the eye with the primer on still looked freshly done!

We applied the primer on one eye, which automatically looked brighter than the other, and then put eye shadow on both, so we could see which one lasted the longest. After two hours, we compared my lids and, voila! The eyelid with the bb primer looked like it had just been freshly applied, the eyelid without the primer looked like I’d just been punched in the face by a coal miner. 

So, for a smooth and flawless lid ready for applying your eyeshadow, be sure to apply some Benefit BB Cream Eyelid Primer.


By Lucia Campolucci – Bordi