Are You Cleaning Your Belly Button Enough? Probably Not…

If you're not it could lead to absolute grossness.

We like to think we’re pretty clean. We never skip showers, bathe often and wash hair a minimum of twice a week. But, apparently, there is one body part that gets neglected during most people’s wash schedules. The belly button!

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Tummy buttons come in a wide variety of types. There are shallow ones, popped out ones, teeny slits and ones that go deeper than the Northern line. Whatever type you have, we bet you don’t clean it enough. And you should because it’s the ideal place for bacteria to flourish. Yeah, we said flourish. So gross.

Your belly button could be harbouring nasty bacteria and yeast

Dr. Susan Bard told, “The navel is an occluded are where skin rests on skin creating a dark moist environment in which bacteria and yeast can breed and can become a cesspool for microbes if not properly maintained. If bacteria and yeast are allowed to breed it can lead to foul odour and even infection.”

‘Scuse us while we vom a sec.

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Unsurprisingly, if you’ve done an Alicia Silverstone in an Aerosmith video and pierced your belly dip you’re more likely to harbour nasties.

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Dr. Bard recommends giving your innie or outie some much-needed regular TLC. Every time you shower remember to clean your tummy button.

Give it a clean every time you’re in the shower

“I recommend patients clean their navel daily in the shower with gentle soap and water. A washcloth or Q-tip may help.”

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You’ve been told. If you choose to ignore this sage advice and live life on a belly button knife edge… YOU’RE A WILD THING. With a stinky belly button.

N.B. We’re sure every celeb in this article has a spotlessly clean tummy button.