Bella Hadid’s Diet Isn’t Anything Like You Think It Is

She's a girl after our own heart.

We’ve come to accept that most models out there are simply genetically blessed with their bodies. I mean, we hit the gym (on a rare, very rainy day) and we like to think our diets are relatively healthy; we drink our fair share of green stuff. But, by no means do we have the physique of Heidi Klum * sigh *.

Anyway, down to DNA or not, we are always intrigued to know exactly what these gazelles are eating. So you can imagine our surprise when Bella Hadid spilled the beans (no pun intended) on her diet. Is she a kale lover, or maybe a quinoa fiend?

Nope; when she’s not gracing the covers of magazines she’s munching on pizza. “My diet is pizza. I promise you it’s like every day. Or burgers, French fries, grilled cheeses,” she told WWD.

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And if you’re thinking she’s slaving away in the gym post fast food fest, you’d sadly be mistaken. “I’m not really a big ‘working out’ person, but I definitely like to do cardio when I do. I guess I run sometimes, drink green juices once a week.”

Long story short, she’s kinda our spirit animal and has made our weekly Two For Tuesdays seem a whole lot more acceptable.

Pass us another slice, B.