bella hadid, beauty

Bella Hadid Shares Her Wide Awake Beauty Tips

Gorgeous model Bella Hadid is always on the go but never looks bad! The 19-year-old made a video to show us how to look good on minimal sleep...

She’s one of the most in demand models at the moment, which means Bella Hadid’s schedule, is all kinds of crazy. The brunette has created a video detailing her jetlag survival guide and it’s awesome.

First things first, Bella is STUNNING. With or without slap the 19-year-old looks completely beautiful so she’s got a head start when it comes to surviving jetlag.

bella hadid, beauty

She sets up her beauty tutorial, done in collaboration with Dior for Vogue, in what looks like a (very fancy) hotel bathroom with her wet hair up in a fluffy towel.

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Hadid starts off by saying she looks “really tired” because she’s been travelling for two months straight. Now, if *we* had been all over the world for about 80 days the end result would be something zombie-esque. Bella, however, looks great. Yeah, there are a few shadows but seriously, even knackered the girl looks hot.

Model Of The Year Bella Hadid *Always* Looks Good

What we love most about this video is how cute Bella is. She slaps on Diorskin Star Concealer (£22) under her eyes, on her chin, forehead, cheeks… all the while saying, “Imperfections are still beautiful, right?”

bella hadid, beauty

Another great thing – her application technique is like ours! She hasn’t got a hundred fancy brushes or foundation sprays at the ready. Hadid uses her fingers and a sponge blotter to blend her prods in. Simple.

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She takes a Diorblush Light + Contour Sculpting Stick Duo (£32) and draws lines on the hollows of her cheeks before blending with a sponge. She adds some under her jaw line for “a little definition” because “definition is always good” then runs a brush over to smooth.

bella hadid, beauty

She highlights her cheeks and under the eyes with Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder (£39). Because she says she had “tiny brows” Bella lightly fills hers in then primes with Diorshow Maximizer 3D (£25.50) before applying lashings of mascara. Using her fingers she rubs gold shadow across her lids and in the corners of her eyes.

A slick of sparkly lip gloss et voila! Bella is good to go.

By Ellen Kerry