Jaclyn Hill Eliminates Champagne Collection Eye Palette

Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has announced that the Eye Palette within her Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection is being discontinued.

The much anticipated eyeshadow palette was surprisingly short lived as it only released on 26th May, and was due to hit Sephora stores 16 June.


Jaclyn took to Snapchat to reveal, “I now have my name on an eyeshadow palette that I do not believe in… I promised I would never put my name on something I don’t believe in… because of that we are going to be eliminating the eyeshadow palette all together”.

A flood of negative feedback has trigged the sudden drop of the palette, with customers claiming the eye shadows were dry, patchy and unblendable – a far cry from Becca’s usually gorgeous formulas.

In her Snap, Jaclyn said, “It’s not Becca’s original, beautiful formula that everyone loves so much and I completely agree”.

Jaclyn addressed the situation to her followers via Snap saying that under the pressure to meet the launch deadline, Becca sent the palette to be developed at a different lab.

Jaclyn explained, “They were told this lab could produce the same exact beautiful, creamy, high pigmented shades and shadows that they were always used to and they trusted that”.

This has resulted in * major * inconsistencies with the formula, with some people receiving good palettes but many ending up with palettes that contained dry and patchy eye shadows.

She admitted, “I was not aware of the situation… When I got my palette, I used it and loved it, I thought it was Becca’s regular formula”

“I really am sorry for that”.

Despite the disaster, Jaclyn fiercely defended Becca Cosmetics, saying, “Becca is an amazing brand, they know what they’re doing. They’ve used several labs in the past and they were told this one was going to be amazing, they trusted it, and here we are”

“Becca feels absolutely terrible and just heartbroken by this entire situation”

“Everyone who was dissatisfied with this product can get a full refund, no problem”

Jaclyn, her husband and Becca’s CEO.

“I’m sure I could of made money off this palette, good money, but I couldn’t care less… I would pay someone to take this palette away because I don’t believe in it and Becca feels the same”

“Becca are learning their lessons, just like I am, just like we all are”.

We are heartbroken for Jaclyn that the palette didn’t go to plan and are glad she’s turning a bad situation into a learning experience.

By Catherine Delves