The New Make-up Craze For Selfie-Ready Skin

Forget strobing and get baking. It’s the new ten-minute trick stars like Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora are using for flawless, selfie-ready skin.

‘Baking’ is the latest buzzword in make-up and the only ingredients you need are concealer and powder.

So what is it? Baking is all about using the natural heat from your face to layer and set products seamlessly for boosted coverage and staying power. We’re hooked.

The ten-minute wait time is crucial for the baking process so set your stopwatch!

Baking guru, vlogger Heidi Hamoud

Keen face bakers are using the technique to mask dark circles and under-eye bags but you can also ‘bake’ your forehead and chin.

If you need any cooking instructions, check out super-vlogger Heidi Hamoud who reveals how to master baking in her how-to video here

Heidi Hamoud’s bake how-to

Drag queens are already familiar with the technique – the community has been face baking for years to ensure their make-up survives under hot lights.

If you’re not used to heavy make-up this might not be the trend for you. Think blanket coverage for masking imperfections.

But on the plus side, you can wave goodbye to reapplications, this is make-up that really stays put.

New products are already launching to be part of the bake revolution. We’re seriously in love with AmazingCosmetics’ new Powderset, £21 (out September).


Move over, Mary Berry. Here’s our how-to baking guide.

  • Apply a cream concealer under your eyes, blending up and out and over your cheekbones using a damp sponge to iron out any creases.
  • Add translucent powder generously to sit directly on top of the concealer for ten minutes.
  • Dust off with a fluffy brush to reveal flawless skin.
  • If your skin still looks chalky, lightly dust a tinted powder on top.

Ready, set, BAKE…


By Lisa Haynes