Beauty Tried And Tested: The Best Pearlescent Blushers

Want killer cheekbones to rival Kate Moss? Then LOOK’s very own Beauty Editor Sophie Beresiner and LOOK reader Holly Naftis are here to help, as they’ve searched the high street to find the four best pearlescent blushers guaranteed to highlight those cheekbones in just one sweep…

Beauty Editor: This had a beautiful pearly finish and gave my cheeks a soft, natural glow. It’s a little on the pricey side, but a great investment buy!
Holly:This contained two pretty shades of pink to highlight and add colour to cheekbones. The rosy glow lasted the whole night without me having to reapply. I’d definitely wear it again. Beauty Score 5/5
Beauty Editor: I liked the pinky coral tone and the iridescent finish was lovely. Use your fingertips to apply it, as this creates a more natural flush.
Holly: I only needed to apply a small amount, as the colour was very bold. I wasn’t keen on the fiddly little brush and the shimmer effect was a bit too much for me. Beauty Score 3/5
Beauty Editor: This is such a pretty palette that I didn’t want to mess it up! The lightest shade was amazing at highlighting, so I’d use it for that alone.
Holly: Easy to apply and it felt soft on my skin. However, the colour was so faint that it’s more of a highlighter than a blusher. I had to reapply it throughout the day. Beauty Score 3/5
  • The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Blush, £15.65
Beauty Editor: A summer make-up bag staple. The waves of colour gave my skin a healthy glow and the shimmer really accentuated my cheekbones.
Holly: This left my skin with a sun-kissed glow and the individual colours work well as eyeshadows, too. However, the colour can look a little dark, so I had to apply it sparingly. Beauty Score 4/5