Beauty Tried And Tested: The Best Nail-Correcting Pens

Searching for the best nail-correcting pens to help you do mistake-free DIY nails? Then LOOK’s very own Beauty Editor Sophie Beresiner and LOOK reader Stephanie Moore are here to help, as they’ve searched the high street to find the four best nail-correcting pens…

Beauty Editor:This took a while to get going, but it neatened up my cuticles a treat! The pointed tip was super-precise and easy to use – I’m a fan.
Stephanie:This remained moist throughout application and was great at removing excess polish. The three refill tips make it good value for money, too. Beauty Score 5/5

Beauty Editor: This was very good at cleaning the skin around my nails, but it took a few attempts to clean the mistakes on the actual nail. Better for using with lighter nude polishes.
Stephanie: Easy to use and it had hardly any smell. It removed polish and stayed moist throughout, but it’s a shame there was only one refill tip. Beauty Score 3/5

Beauty Editor:This one was effective when it finally got going, but it didn’t last very long. The tip absorbed the excess polish well, though, so I could use it on dark nail colours.
Stephanie: The shape of the tip gave a nice clean line, but I had to rub hard to remove polish from my
skin. Although it had virtually no smell, it took ages for it to moisten enough to use.
Beauty Score 3/5
Beauty Editor:This had the strongest smell and was so wet that it smudged my nail colour. Good to use as a one-off, but it doesn’t have extra tips like the others.
Stephanie:I found I had to keep going over the same area to remove the polish, which meant the tip didn’t stay structured for very long. I don’t think I’d buy this product. Beauty Score 2/5