Beauty Tried And Tested: The Best Body Brushes

Want to find out the best body brushes to buff dull winter skin? Then LOOK’s very own Beauty Editor Sophie Beresiner and LOOK reader Louise Thomas are here to help, as they’ve searched the high street to find the four best body brushes… 

Beauty Editor:This one was by far the best at buffing my skin, as it didn’t leave it feeling tender at all. The rope handle is easy to hold and you can reach your back, too.
Louise:I loved this one. It was a great shape and easy to use. I have dry patches on my arms, but after using this I can really notice the difference. I’ll definitely keep using this in the future. Beauty Score 5/5

Beauty Editor:This one’s a clever brush – the bristles exfoliate and smooth out your skin, while the rubber nodules massage away cellulite. It’s definitely my thighs’ NBF!
Louise:The rubber bits on the brush really worked to massage my skin and it was easy to hold. Afterwards, I felt like I’d done my body some good. Beauty Score 4/5
Beauty Editor:Not the best looking of the bunch, but I noticed a big improvement in the skin tone on my arms and legs after just a few days.
Louise:This was OK – I didn’t find the design easy to grip and I didn’t really notice any difference after I’d used it. I can’t see myself using this one again. Beauty Score 3/5
  • Espa Skin Brush, £15
Beauty Editor:Looks a bit like something you’d brush a horse with, but I have to admit that the strap makes it very easy to use. Made my skin feel quite raw, though.
Louise:I really didn’t enjoy using this at all. The bristles were too hard and it hurt slightly. It made my legs feel smoother, but it was too harsh to use anywhere else. Beauty Score 2/5