Double Eyeliner Is The New Way To Pimp Your Lids

Just when we thought we’d got our heads around applying winged eyeliner perfectly, a new trend has stepped on to the scene to really complicate the game.

Beauty gurus are all about double winged liner right now, and we can see why: it’s sleek, chic and perfect for festival season!


Instagram: @anastasiabeverlyhills

Because let’s be honest, a plain cat eye can get a teeny, tiny bit boring, no?

There’s something about adding another layer to classic winged liner that gives it a whole new dimension and really makes it stand out from the crowd.

And even better, there’s a huge variety of colour combinations you can create with this gorgeous trend… Think yellow on black, teal on silver and (our favourite), glitter on black!

We’re also dying to try something a little more sophisticated and office-appropriate like black and burgundy. Talk about chic!

Basically, the possibilities are endless.


Instagram: @makeupaddictioncosmetics

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The only downside? This look is not only twice as pretty, but twice as hard to recreate than a classic cat eye.

We know what you’re thinking… how could eyeliner possibly get any more difficult?  Is it even worth it? (But it is, promise!)

Having to draw the wing twice is where the difficulty lies. But it’s not impossible.

We recommend just taking a deep breath and going slow to get this one perfect. Definitely not a look for a rushed Monday morning! 

And if you’re still figuring out how to master this, we love this pictorial by beauty guru Champagne Whisper for getting this technique down to a T.



She makes it look easy as pie! Because come on – no pain, no gain.

It might be the ultimate make-up challenge, but it’s SO worth it.

By Catherine Delves