This Beauty Treatment Caused A Horrific Bacterial Skin Infection

If you're squeamish we suggest you shield your eyes.

How many horror stories about beauty treatments gone wrong can we take before we resign ourselves to the fact that we are never getting one again?

From allergic reactions to skin infections, our stomachs are turning every time we come across them. Well, we hate to spoil your Friday but Kaity Hull is the latest person to fall victim to another dodgy beauty treatment.

The 21-year-old Auzzie’s life pretty much became a living nightmare after she developed a severe skin infection following semi permanent eyelashes.

Speaking to Maroondah Leader about her terrifying experience, she explained how she went into her local beauty salon to get her lashes fitted. Three hours later a nasty rash started to appear on her face. “I didn’t think anything of it at first but three hours later I noticed the rash had spread all over my face,” she said.

“I had to take off my makeup because my face was burning and it felt like it was on fire. When I woke up the next morning I noticed tiny white boils across my face and went to the doctor, who diagnosed me with Staphylococcus.”

For those of you that don’t know, Staphylococcus, or staph infections for short are a range of bacterial infections that can cause boils or more serious issues like blood and lung infections.

After seeing the state of Kaity’s skin, her mother contacted the salon who told her that she had suffered an allergic reaction and that she should get her lashes removed.

Kaity sent a photo of her face to the salon to show them just how bad it was, but the owner of the salon told her it was just “teenage acne.” Hmm, we think not. It’s no surprise that when dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Daniel Lanzer saw photos of Kaity’s skin, he said that it was in fact one of the worst cases of staph he had seen in over 25 years.

Because of the severity of the infection, Kaity had to cancel her holiday and take time off work. Thankfully, the environmental health officers visited the salon and issued a prohibition notice, telling them they had a week to sort itself out.

“I’m just so distraught by the whole experience and she hasn’t even had the decency to offer me an apology,” said Kaity. ““I hope the council notices stop this from happening again as I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone.”

I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that I’m wearing my trusty lash extensions as I sit here writing this, or the fact that I definitely will not be giving them up.

All I can say is, ladies please make sure you  are going to a respectable salon for ANY beauty treatments. In this case poor Kaity was not to know that the salon was not up to scratch and was obviously just very unfortunate.

Always check reviews online before you book in somewhere. It turned out that the salon had received more than 40 1-star reviews on its Facebook page, which was littered with complaints. Yikes! If in doubt go somewhere that has been refereed to you by a friend who has previously visited.

Stay safe, girls.