This Beauty Blogger Used Shaving Foam As A Make Up Remover

And our minds are well and truly blown...

There are countless ways to remove the ever-growing amount of make up we apply to our faces on a daily basis. You might be more of an oil cleanser kind of girl, or perhaps you favour and old school cream cleanser and cotton pad combo? Whatever your preference we bet you haven’t ever thought of borrowing your dad’s SHAVING FOAM?

shaving foam beauty

That’s exactly what this savvy beauty blogger has tried. Well, probably not her dad’s foam. We reckon she might have treated herself to a brand new can of Gilette. Make up-loving Maria Yeager took to Instagram to show off her latest fave way to wash off her slap.

Shaving foam as a beauty cleanser… Really?

The pretty beauty blogger begins her cleanse down showing off an impressively made up face, playfully shaking a can of men’s shaving foam at the camera before manually taking off false lashes.

shaving foam beauty

She starts applying in the blue/white gel foam to her cheeks, forehead, nose and chin before using her manicure mitts to rub it in. We have to admit we had a bit of a LOL during this point because Maria looks just like she is gearing up for a beard trim.

It really works!

Clearly the beauty is not, and after a good rub her heavily applied make up starts to dissolve. Maria uses a damp towel to remove the foam along with her make up.

While it doesn’t look like shaving foam is brilliant at removing heavy lippy, when it’s gently rubbed into Maria’s liquid liner, mascara and eye shadow we’re impressed at the rate it seems to break the cosmetic trio down. Be careful not to get it in your eyes!

Shaving foam is formulated for faces, albeit bloke’s faces. So, we can’t imagine it’s *that* bad for your skin? Maybe keep this as a forgot-my-cleanser back up for whenever you kip at a boy’s house.

Remember, it will make your chops smell of shaving foam…

By Ellen Kerry