The Biggest Beauty Myths Debunked

Long before there was ‘fake news’ on Facebook, a long list of beauty myths was busy doing the rounds. Not sure how to separate fact from fiction? Well, look no further! We dispel the dirty little lies of the beauty world!

Beauty Myths: Your nails need time to breathe

Busted: This is probably the worth offender of myths. Nails are made of keratin which doesn’t require oxygen. It’s dead, basically. Therefore it does not need to “breathe” the way. It’s why you cut nails continuously without it hurting.

Beauty Myths: Make up causes breakouts

Busted: so this one is little tricky, because foundations and powders are designed to sit on top of the skin rather than sinking in, however but can cause pores to block. So if you find you get spots its probably because you’re not cleansing properly at night!

Beauty Myths: If your skin stings, then the product is working

Busted: Nah uh. Not true. If you start to experience a painful stinging sensation that leaves skin tight or red, this is skin’s way of saying ‘I do not like what you just put on my face’.. The moment it starts to happen, it’s best to steer clear of the formulation or check out the ingredients list on the back to be sure you are not allergic to any of them.

Beauty Myths: Drinking lots of water will give you glowing skin

Busted: This is surprisingly a bunch of bull. It’s great for your health, sure. But there is little evidence to suggest that hydrates your skin. If your skin is dry, then apply a moisturising lotion. Straight after the bath or shower is best, when skin is damp.

Beauty Myths: Oily skin should forgo oil-based skincare

Busted: We can see the logic in this one, but it’s a big fat lie. Using the right oil-based products can in fact help moisturise and balance your complexion. Plant-based essential oils, such as lavender and borage, not only moisturise but can help calm and soothe skin, as well as deliver antibacterial and aromatherapy properties. So over time, your complexion will become more balanced as it will not feel the need to produce as much oil to maintain you’re the skin’s barrier. Genius when you think about it!

Beauty Myths: Use your hairspray to set your make-up.

Busted: Worst idea ever! All it does is clog pores and make your face sticky. Stick to you know, actual make-up setting sprays.

Beauty Myths: Pores can be closed with skincare

Busted: Let’s be clear. Your pores are not doors! They cannot open and close. However, there are ways to help minimise their appearance of your pores. Steaming your face – whether in the shower or over a bowl of hot water, can help cleanse away the build-up of dirt and sebum inside the pores, making them appear smaller. Get it now?

Beauty Myths: Your skin adapts to the products you use, and they eventually stop working

Busted: Another very common myth, with little truth behind it. Sigh. Basically, a good skincare routine works in the same way as a healthy diet. Your body won’t stop utilising all the nutrients from fruit and vegetables just because you eat them every day, and the same goes for the ingredients in your skincare routine! Duh!

Beauty Myths: Banana peels can help get rid of spots and acne scars.

Busted: Girls please! Pressing a banana peel against your spots does not soothe them into oblivion. We love a natural remedy, just not this one. Stick to lightening creams for acne scars – it’s the only way, trust us!

Beauty Myths: Shaving will make your body hair grow back thicker.

Busted: It may feel thicker, but actually your senses are deceiving you. The hair is just short and blunt from having the chop, so it feels dense. It’s not capable of growing back thicker. (Thank the lord)

Beauty Myths: You should pick skincare products based on your age

Busted: So loads of products are designed for age groups BUT, age isn’t a skin type, so someone in their 20’s can have the same skin as someone in their 30s. You need to look as your skin type and then buy products accordingly. Makes much better sense eh?!

By Perdita Nouril