13 Pictures That Are Too Real For Beauty Hoarders

Each and every girl that has a burning desire for make-up knows just how intense the love can be. 

There’s new products and creative beauty collections being launched all of the time, and our personal collections will never be too much as far as we’re concerned. 

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There’s just no such thing as being too glam. 

1. Give us ALL of the storage. 

2. We want shelves dedicated to our perfumes and hair products. 

Because, it’s about more than our faces, right ladies?

>Instagram: @velvetgh0st


3. Perspex drawers are the dream. 

Because, we want to make sure we can see all of our beautiful products. 

> Beauty blogger Velvet Gh0st says: “Sorting through makeup is so fun” – and we totally agree!


4. Draw dividers are our life savers. 

Without them we wouldn’t be able to find our MAC Studio Fix?


The internet was made for beautiful lipstick pictures. 



6. There’s nothing quite like witnessing the perfect eyeliner flick. 


So satisfying. 

7. We’re very protective over our make-up. 


Go out in the rain? 

But what about our contour?

8. We love a lot of white space. 

You won’t find any dull photos on our Instagram pages… 

>Zoella shows off her beauty range on Instagram

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9. We’re always keen to try the latest beauty tricks. 


Give us all the glitter. 

10. But taking it all off again can be a bit of a mission… 



11. Our friends don’t always get it. 


But you don’t see that stopping us. 

Make-up brushes are more important than friends. We joke. 

12. Pay day takes on a whole new meaning for us. 


Girls’ night out? YEAH RIGHT.

We’ll be buying the entire contents of our favourite beauty shops before locking ourselves away to try out ALL the new looks. 

13. Picking the right make-up bag is a VERY important decision. 

We want the prettiest one possible, please.