Beauty Herbs: The Skincare Ingredient You Should Look Out For

Natural skincare is having a major moment, with beauty herbs at the helm

Whether it’s down to the ban on microbeads or the wave of green-juice drinkers taking over the country, there’s been a huge rise in the demand for natural beauty. And now the boffins are taking it back to basics, using beauty herbs to pimp up our skincare. But you don’t need a degree in botanics or access to a pestle and mortar to see why these traditional ingredients get a massive yes from us.

The beauty herbs to look out for


As well as smelling 
g-r-e-a-t, rosemary helps to retain moisture and brighten the skin. Sounds good to us.

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Not only a wonderful pillow spray, lavender helps to reinforce the skin’s barrier function, improves tone and soothes sensitive 
skin, leaving it looking more radiant.

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Clarifying Facial Toner, £19.99


Unlike the harsh ingredients in anti-blemish serums, Sage has antibacterial properties that won’t strip natural oils.

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Not just for your curries, coriander contains Omegas 3,
6 and 9, which 
deeply nourish the 
skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.

Try: Aesop Coriander 
Seed Body Cleanser, £17

All around herb hero:

Kiehl’s Midnight