Beauty Buy Of The Day: Twistbands!

Is there anything more irritating than perfecting your super-sleek blow-dry, putting your hair up for 10 minutes, only to take it down and be left with that dreaded dent in your ‘do? We didn’t think so!

But don’t worry, because at LOOK we’ve found the ultimate hair fix to banish those unwanted kinks. Say hello to Twistbands, your new hair accessory BFF.  Made from elastic trim, Twistbands are the only hair tie stretchy enough to support any hairstyle without leaving a mark. Available in a variety of colours, fabrics and cute prints, these little beauties are also slim and sleek enough to wear on your wrist whenever you want to let your hair down.

So bid farewell to the dents and damage associated with the old-fashioned hair tie, and arm yourself with the latest hair accessory!

Find them at, £10 for a set of six.

By Chloe Burcham

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