This Beauty Blogger Wore A Hijab And People Are Getting Angry

Chloe Morello, an Australian Beauty vlogger with over 1.7 million YouTube followers, has gained some attention recently over one tutorial in particular. Since making a pretty big name for herself in the beauty blogger world, she has had requests to create a makeup look for the Islamic holiday, Eid al-Fitr.

So, as she has done for the last couple of years, she created a look over the weekend in honor of the holiday and posted it onto her YouTube channel. The video, which shows Chloe creating a ‘Soft Glam Look’ gained over 400,00 views, and after finishing her makeup she moves on to put a white hijab on, something she’s done in all of her other Eid tutorials. “Just so you can see what the look will look like with a hijab on. I don’t want to offend anyone when I do this,” she says.

While a lot of her Muslim fans have come forward and praised her for her tutorial, “You are the only non Muslim beauty blogger who does this for us Muslim girls. I love you for this and for your sense of humour and oh my god you’re so pretty.” Others are not impressed with her use of a hijab in the video.

“For you it’s easy to wear it like a costume, for the purpose of the tutorial, while actual Muslim women wear it with the risk of being harassed or being attacked due to the fact that Islamophpobia is still so high in society. Just something to think about for your next tutorial,” wrote one.

Some girls thought that it was disrespectful, “I would never wear a hijab, that’s like wearing a kippah as a decoration, you cant try on a religion.” Chloe took to her Snapchat after receiving the negative comments to defend herself.

“It’s always very interesting reading the comments on my Eid tutorials because at the end of the video I put a hijab on just to show you how the makeup will look. I’m an atheist… I’m not trying to promote any religion here. I’m just trying to promote acceptance.”

She went on to thank everyone for the positive comments, and then said that she “can’t even imagine how difficult it would be being Muslim some days.”

“it makes as much sense as it does to do a Christmas tutorial to do an Eid tutorial. Its really not a big deal.. People are making a big deal out of a video that’s nice to be appreciative but it should be normal… as in it should be normal for Islamic women to feel a part of society,” she said.

She finished by reiterating the fact that she was not wearing the hijab in a culturally appropriating way, but to show Muslim viewers how their makeup would look when wearing it. “Can I just say I don’t want to wear a hijab as an accessory, I’m putting it on so you can see how it looks with the makeup.”