Beauty Blogger Gives Her Mum A Makeover After Her Cancer Treatment

This is so cute.

If you’re looking for the most heart-warming make-up tutorial eve, you’ve come to the right place.

Talented beauty blogger Nadina Ioan’s latest video has gone viral for all the right reasons after she decided to give her mum, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment, a makeover.

Explaining that her mum’s skin was super sensitive thanks to the chemotherapy, and adding that she’d also lost her brows and lashes, Nadina then went about performing her make-up artistry on her mum in the five minute video posted to YouTube.

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Entitled ‘Chemo Patient Makeup Transformation‘, Nadina gave tips along the way about how to apply make-up after going through intense cancer therapy.

‘It’s very important to properly prepare the skin before doing the make-up, putting the right products on (moisturising cream and serum for sensitive and dry skin type)’, she explained.

Filling in her mum’s brows, she added: ‘It’s also important to do symmetrical brows, which fit with the client’s face, and to be careful in the application of the eyelashes, as the client won’t have any natural eyelashes at all, so they can be uncomfortable if they’re not applied correctly.’

My beautiful mom ❤️ . . Products I used: 1. @urbandecaycosmetics : Naked Basics #palette – Naked2/Faint. 2. @makeupforeverofficial : 11 Foundation Palette – P6. 3. @nivea_es : Cellular anti-age #cream and @hadalabo_korea : #Hyaluronic Acid Lotion. 4. #Makeupforever : 11 #Foundation Palette – 5W + 6W. 5. @anastasiabeverlyhills : Moonchild Glow Kit – Pink Heart. 6. #Urbandecay : Vice 4 Palette – Framed/Bitter/Delete. 7. @lagirlcosmetics : Pro Conceal – Orange. 8. @mywunderbrow : Coverproof Foundation – Light. 9. Make Up Forever : 11 Foundation Palette – 8W. 10. @missha.official : Glam Silky Body Balm – Glittering Gold. 11. @rcmamakeup : No-color #Powder. 12. #AnastasiaBeverlyHills : #Contour Kit – Fawn. 13: @whoisshecosmetics : Lip Composite – Natalie. @allmodernmakeup @makeup_clips @videosfashions @hudabeauty @makegirlz #mua #makeup #makeuptransformation #beauty #fashion #strong #women #love #warrior #cancer #recovery #chemo #quimio #tutorial #transformation #mom #quimioterapia #siemprefuerte #iloveyou

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After adding false lashes and a natural looking wig, Nadina’s mum’s makeover was complete.

Whilst she looked totally gorgeous both before and after, there’s no denying that after her daughter’s makeover, Nadina’s mum looked super sassy and confident.

Inspiring stuff.