BeautyBlender’s New Eyeliner Tool Is So Brilliant

Prepare yourself to meet the ONLY eyeliner tool you’ll need this year.

We all want to know how to draw the perfect eyeliner flick. And whilst there are several techniques out there (sellotape, special eyeliner pens), BeautyBlender’s new Liner Designer is surely going to be the one that blows them all out of the water.

BeautyBlender knows how to design sell-out beauty products (we mean, who doesn’t own one of their genius make-up sponges these days?), which is why we’re SO excited about their latest liner launch.

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The Liner Designer looks a bit like a guitar pick, only its bright pink, and it promises a flawless cat flick.

The three sides all serve different purposes: ‘One short round edge, a straight-laced edge, and a curvy edge’, the site explains, and can be used be used with liquid, gel and pencil eyeliners. 

But don’t think it’s just handy for serving up a mega cat flick – if you’re only after a baby flick to open out your eye, the tool can also be used to help you keep your hand steady whilst you create a sharp flick or straight line. Double win!

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It’s rumoured to retail at around £11, which when you think about it, isn’t much for your new eyeliner BFF that will last forever.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait until Spring to get our hands on one of these tiny badboys, but it will no doubt be worth the wait.

Watch this space!

> Instagram: @HudaBeauty