7 Ways You’re Using Your Blending Sponge ALL Wrong

With the burst of the contouring trend, beauty blenders seem to have become the new ‘It’ product that’s taking over our Instagram feeds. 

Loved by beauty bloggers and celebrity MUAs alike, we’re sure you’ve given these colourful little critters a go. 

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But we’re here, with our easy list of dos and don’ts, to make sure you’re getting the most from your beauty blender. 

1. DO: Use it wet

If you’re using your blender dry, you won’t be getting the best finish. By dampening the sponge, you’ll achieve a streak-free and dewy look after blending.

2. DON’T: Scrub too hard

Blending sponges are delicate and can tear quite easily if not handled with care.

Make sure you’re blending with a soft squeezing motion, pinching it when needed.

Also, be aware that sharp fingernails could tear it, and store it away from other utensils such as tweezers.  

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3. DO: Take care when cleaning

Cleaning your make-up sponge is an obvious step towards maintaining your beauty kit.

When you’re cleaning your beauty blender, make sure you don’t soak it. Use a soft, thin oil before cleansing for tougher stains.

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4. DON’T: Keep it for too long

You should probably replace your beauty blender at the three month mark. Even if you’re a dab hand at cleaning it. 

5. DO: Use it for more than just contouring

Your beauty blender can also work as a handy skincare tool, helping to distribute your moisturisers and creams too. 

6. DO: Use it with powder too

Once you’ve dampened your sponge, it’s a nifty way of controling your powder application. 

7. DON’T: Only use the large one

Like us, your blending sponge comes in all shapes and sizes. The mini blenders are, for starters, one of the most adorable things we’ve seen, and are amazing at applying your concealer without letting it set into the creases like a normal brush.