A Beauty And The Beast-Inspired Nail Collection Is Launching And It’s So Pretty

Be our guest and have a look. No, really.

The excitement surrounding the new Beauty and the Beast movie is already off-the-scale and it’s not even out yet. Which is why we’re gasping with happiness over these BATB inspired polishes.

Nail polishes inspired by Emma Watson’s Belle

The live-action remake of Disney’s 1991 animation is set for release in March this year with Brit beauty Emma Watson taking the lead. We’ve already discussed and analysed the trailers and sighed wistfully at all pictures of Emma in *that* yellow gown.

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It’s safe to say we’re obsessed with 2017’s Beauty and the Beast.

Over in the US nail brands Morgan Taylor and Gelish have teamed up to create a range of shades inspired by our fave love story. The colours are all Belle-related. There’s a deep red that looks just like the dying petal of the beast’s rose. It actually makes us sad to look at it! Luckily the pale blue that conjures up Belle’s pretty day dress is much happier as is the loveliest shade of lemon yellow.

Danny Haile, CEO of Gelish, explained the idea behind this dreamy collaboration…

There’s a metallic top coat to turn each shade Baroque, ooh la la!

“We wanted to be honourable guests of this beloved and classic story by developing colours that reflect the beauty that comes from within.”

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As well as the main shades there will be one more released when the whole collection is launched in February. The seventh shade will be a metallic top coat called Enchanted atina that will turn all of the other polishes into “antiquated versions” according to Haile, perfectly channelling the Baroque details in the movie. The Enchanted Patina versions are incredible, like a darker, moodier Beauty and the Beast collection. The names of the shades are also adorable.

Of course the Beast doesn’t have a polish, his claws are pointy and brown. No need to mess with those.

Here are all of the Beauty and the Beast nail polish shade and gels by Morgan Taylor and Gelish…