So, Bath Bombs Are Bad For Your Vagina

They might look cool but are you really willing to risk your intimate health?


While bath bombs are not personally my cup of tea, they’re colourful and fun to look at and I guess I can see why people would want to be bathing in a unicorn esc pool of prettiness.

My concern comes from the fact that all those bright shimmery colours can’t be good for your skin.

We’re pretty sure that pink has not come from anything natural. Nope. Bath bombs are jam packed full of fragrances, dyes and glitter and guess what, they can tamper with your lady parts.

Have you ever used a perfumed shower gel and found yourself suffering from thrush? Well, it’s basically the same principle.

Vaginas are made up of a very delicate PH balance, once this is disrupted it can lead to irritation and pesky infections like BV and thrush.

When you’re washing, either in the bath or the shower you should always use unfragranced soap like Sanex Zero, £2.29.

There are of course companies who sell special intimate washes like Sass and Femfresh, none of their products contain any perfumes and are all ph balanced, but you don’t actually need to use these.

Vaginas self clean, so warm water will do the job. And while we are on the topic of vaginal infections, it’s not just bath bombs you should be worried about.

Baths in general can cause issues for people who are prone to urinary tract infections.

Sitting for long periods of time in a pool of warm water that is essentially filled with your own dirt (sorry, gross we know) can irritate your urethra and leave you sitting on the toilet in near crippling pain. Trust us, it’s really not worth it.

So, long story short, the next time you’re thinking about buying a glittery ball of fun maybe think twice about it for the sake of your vagina. You only get one.