Why This Bath Bomb Could Be Worth $5,000…

As if you need another excuse to laze in the bath!

Just imagine. You’re running a lovely hot bath to treat yourself after a long day at work. You throw in a bath bomb for added bliss and find a $5,000 ring when you drain the whole thing? This dream bath could actually be a reality thanks to Pearl Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs have come a long way since the nice smelling ones of yesterday. Nowadays, bombs have the ability to transform your bath into a land of pleasure and happiness. Yeah, they still smell great but newer versions had extra fun thrown in. Whether it’s unicorn rainbow colours, fairy glitter or pretty petals you desire floating around you in the tub, there’s a bomb for it.

Each bomb contains a gift and a voucher

Last year some clever type on Etsy started selling Harry Potter-themed bath bombs. They turned your bath water different colours according to which Harry Potter house you might have been placed in. Sort of like a Sorting Hat bath bomb. There was also one filled with a ‘love poiton’ and a golden snitch bomb!

As exciting as Harry P bombs are, the idea that a lush smelling bomb might actually give us a glittering gift that’s worth actual cash is something else.

You could win a *very* special treat!

Pearl Bath Bombs are out to make your bathing experience all kinds of Kim Kardashian fabulous. Each fizzy bomb is priced between $15 and $25 and contains a cocktail ring and a coded voucher.

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The voucher is the real prize. Once you enter your code into Pearl Bath Bombs website you are entered into a lottery where you could win a $5,000 ring! There are also $100 rings to be won and tons of other prizes such as even more wonderful bath bombs.

Pour a glass of wine, throw in a fizzy bomb then relax in the lovely warm froth until it gives up its prize.