This Amaze Brand Will *Rescue* Your Summer Hair…

Honestly, you need to get your hands on this incredible collection from luxury brand BARDOU.

It’s summer. And as lovely as that (usually) is, it doesn’t stop our hair getting up to all it’s old tricks in the humidity. *Sigh*

Well, fear no more. It’s time to bid a very pleasant farewell to the fluff-ball look once and for all- and it’s all because of luxury blow-dry brand BARDOU.

So, if you aren’t already acquainted, BARDOU is a high end brand who manage to make all hair glossy, healthy and all the good things in between- as tried, tested and approved by some very famous heads of hair, eg. Made In Chelsea’s gorgeous Sophie Hermann.


And, very conveniently, they’ve just released their very own range of hair must-have products to fulfil your self-styling and hair-care needs at home. Yep, we’re talking 24/7 beautiful hair from the comfort of your duvet. Did somebody say holy grail?!

The range includes eleven high- performance products, formulated with the ingredients just *made* to build the foundations of really beautiful hair.


And how have they managed this?! Through Keratin, people- the main BARDOU ingredient.

Keratin’s increase in hair elasticity, which helps smooth and strengthen damaged hair, the natural protein supplies your hair with ‘shape, support, shine, volume and versatility’. Basically, the range is going to make you look like Kate Middleton… Kind of.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Lily Fortesque – BARDOU brand ambassador, twin of MIC’s Rosie and owner of all round incred locks.

We spoke to the (beautifully glossy) Lily to get the low down on the range, who shares that the real BARDOU unique selling point is simply how flipping luxurious it is: ‘you can have your styling and your care on-the-go, without having to give up that touch of pampering, of luxury that any woman deserves’.

Lily continues, ‘There are so many beauty and cosmetic companies out there that sell quality products, but they just seem to have all these unrealistic ideas about the schedule of a professional woman nowadays. I think women feel when a company really understands them, and that’s what sells’.


Lily’s must have of the range? The BARDOU Dry Shampoo (£12) – the modern woman’s holy grail, of course. Lily tells us ‘I am TOTALLY addicted to the dry keratin shampoo!!! I keep one on my desk in case I don’t have time to go home post work and one in my handbag as it sprays on my hair without going white and smells simply divine… none of that talcum powdery white feel.

The BARDOU range includes BARDOU Repair Shampoo (£12) and Conditioner (£14), BARDOU Amplify Mist – Volume Spray (£15), BARDOU Immaculate Spray – Dry Shampoo (£12) and BARDOU Finishing Mist – Hairspray (£10), all avaliable to buy via the BARDOU website.

Alice Perry