The Best Ways To Beat Body Acne

Because Bacne is the worrrrrst.

As the weather warms up, you’ll want to show off all the amazing backless dresses, bikinis and bardot tops you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on. Bacne (back acne) and even pesky chest pimples, are therefore not ideal accessories for your new-found wardrobe. If you do suffer from body blemishes fear not, because armed with the right routine and products, you can clear it up once and for all. Oh, and it doesn’t involve watching Dr Pimple Popper, or using a dodgy zit squeezing device either…phew.

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Understanding chest and back acne

The spots on your face may look similar to the ones you get on your face, but in actual fact the pores on your body tend to be larger than. This means they’re more likely to become clogged with sweat and bacteria, which in turn leads to breakouts. It’s therefore best to stick to products that are specifically formulated for body acne.

Keep bacteria at bay

Look out for products that contain salicylic acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). The former kills bacteria while the latter sloughs away dead skin cells, preventing pores from gathering dirt. Try Peter Thomas Roth Acne Wash, £26, or The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash, £7, is great for those on a budget. Your haircare regime may also be aggravating your blemishes. Certain ingredients are designed to stick to your hair, which means they also do a good job of sticking to your skin and clogging pores. Post hair wash, cleanse your skin with Biore Charcoal bar, £3.33, it’s a natural detoxifier that purify pores.

Reach for bacne spritz

Ace your application by trying a spritz based product. They cover those hard to reach areas and are perfect for those on the go. Simply spray on post sweaty workout sesh, or throw in your beach bag if you’re at a festival or aboard. Murad Clarifying Body Spray, £29.50, works wonders because it contains retinol and salicylic acid, potent spot fighting ingredients.

Watch out for what you wear

One of the most common causes of back acne is sweaty clothes, aka, your gym kit. So, first things first, change out of that wet sports bra the moment your spin class is over. Also, swap tight lycra tops for loose, white, cotton T-shirts. Cotton helps to soak up all the sweat and oil produced on the back, so less of it can sink into your pores. Loose tops also allow your skin to breathe more.

Sunshine is not a solution

For those of who you think that the sunshine helps to clear up spots think again. The sun can actually damage skin cells, making them weaker and more prone to blemishes. Moreover, if you allow the sun to dry out your clogged pores, it simply hardens the excess sebum and encourages the formation of blackheads. So, trust us on this one and stick to the shade.

Try a professional bacial treatment

If you’re at home body products just aren’t cutting it, book in for a treatment. We love Dermalogica’s Thermal Touch for Back Purification. The 45-minute session involves the use of a deeply cleansing scrub to rid skin of dry and dead cells, and prep skin for the removal of toxins. Pores are then cleansed, polished, hydrated and refreshed! The relaxing muscle rub at the end is the ultimate bonus.


By Perdita Nouril