Babylights Are Making A Comeback, And We’re In Love

The babylights hair trend is no new phenomenon, but it’s having a major resurgance for 2015. Here’s what you need to know.

Similar to balayage, babylights highlights offer up a subtle but totally gorgeous option if you want to add definition and depth to your lifeless strands. 

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babylights hair Pic: @colorbymichael


They’re basically super fine highlights that mimick the natural hair colour of when you were a child – hence the name, babylights.

This means, brighter colour at the crown and bottom of the hair to give the illusion of virgin tresses. Clever, huh? See celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosamund Pike for evidence!

The best thing about babylights is it looks totally fresh and natural – it’s also brilliant if you have fine hair, as it gives the illusion of thickness. So, how is it achieved? 

babylights hair Pic: @stemsalon


Well, your hair colourist will apply the colour by placing small amounts of hair in foil and separating each foil. This is different from the balayage process, which uses freehand painting to apply dye across large pieces of hair for a blended look.

‘The process is different in that usually ombré and balayage involve applying colour to larger pieces of hair, while babylights are subtle highlights that work best on very fine hair,’ Aura Friedman, a colorist at the Sally Hershberger salon in NY, told Allure.  

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Rosamund Pike is a big fan of babylights


And you know it’s having a moment when colourist to the stars Tracey Cunningham, who does Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Lily Adridge’s hair, predicts it’s going to be THE hair trend of the season.

When we asked her what wouild be the biggest colour trend of the year, she said:

babylights hair Pic: @stacyscrews


‘People always ask me this question, but its super hard to answer. But, if I had to choose I’d say probably babylights, like I did for Gwyneth Paltrow.’

See? Time to get your babylights on…

babylights hair Pic: @colorbymichael