This ASOS Model With Stretchmarks Is Going Viral For The Best Reason

Are the days of photoshop over?

ASOS has ditched photoshop and left stretchmarks on some of their models and the internet is high-fiving them for it.

If you have a scroll through 99.9% of fashion (and beauty) outlets online, you’ll be faced with picture-perfect models without even a hint of cellulite, stretchmarks or scars. And that’s because, more often than not, nearly every picture that’s approved for online e-tailers gets a little bit of a somethin’ somethin’ on photoshop beforehand. Whether that’s a leg smoothing or blemish retouching – photoshop plays a big part in the modelling world.

Until now that is, because (whether accidental or not) some of ASOS’ pictures have gone up sans-photoshop. And the world is loving it.

The picture in question shows a model wearing a bikini with a hint of stretchmarks over her upper thigh and bum.

Reactions on twitter have, obviously, been ridiculously positive – because GUESS WHAT – normal people have stretchmarks!

In a way, it’s all a little bit ridiculous that this is even news – because why shouldn’t models be photographed with stretchmarks/cellulite in the first place? It SHOULD be the norm. But, still in 2017 it isn’t. So the fact that this might actually be starting to happen is (we think) a huge step forward. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Unfortunately, the same viral picture that shows the model in question with her stretchmarks on show has actually been photoshopped for the Italian version of ASOS as this twitter user points out:

Le sigh.

We can only hope that other brands catch onto this and realise that showing REAL women with REAL bodies should be celebrated. And yes. They still sell clothes.