Ariel Winter Comments On Taylor Swift’s ‘Boob Job’

The Taylor Swift boob debate has been taking over the headlines over the past few weeks. And now, Ariel Winter’s waded in.

We get why people are curious – there’s no denying Swifty’s been looking a little more curvaceous lately, so it’s fully plausible that she may have had a breast enlargement.

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But still, we don’t think it’s any of our business whether she has or hasn’t, to be frank. And now, Modern Family star Ariel, who had a breast reduction last year, agrees.

‘I have to say, if Taylor Swift did get her boobs done then good for her if she felt like she wanted to’, the 18-year-old said on US talk show The Talk. 




‘What’s funny is that even after I got the breast reduction everybody still comments on everything I wear’, Ariel added.  ‘If I’m wearing a tank top, people will still comment and go, “Oh she looks like this and that but I’m sure she isn’t that kind of person” and “Oh, she’s asking for it”.’

‘It took me a while to accept myself and I just hope that girls can learn to accept themselves however big or small their breasts are’.



We couldn’t agree more. Swifty’s boobs are hers, and hers only. And if she’s feeling happy and confident, then surely that’s a wonderful thing?

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