Ariana Grande’s Nail Art Is Literally Glowing

We've found your next nail art inspo...

We are always obsessing over Ariana’s signature sleek ponytail and winged liner, but we’ve never really paid any attention to her nails, until now that is.

She recently posted a video on her Instagram story in which she was sporting a super cool luminous mani and tagged LA based nail artist @britneytokyo.

Britney is already known in the celebrity world for her quirky and colourful nail art, but Ariana’s nail art is next level. We’ve recently seen all sorts of nail trends with chains and marble effects but glow-in-the-dark nails is a new one, and it could be the next big trend. Thanks Ari.

Check out these other cool glow-in-the-dark mani’s we’ve spotted on Instagram…

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