Ariana Grande Just Took Her Beauty Obsession To The Next Level

As much as we * love * Ariana Grande’s signature beauty look, we don’t know that this wasn’t a step too far…

We love Ariana Grande. Not only is her music killer, she slays her winged liner and is know for frequently shutting down sexism – yaaasss.

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When it comes to beauty, Ariana has her signature look down to a tee. Her luscious chocolate brown locks, black liner and ponytail are all too familiar to her fans, and we literally love that Ariana isn’t afraid to stick to her own style.

If you ever had your doubts about Ms Grande’s dedication to her staple beauty looks, prepare to have them put to rest.

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The beautiful pop sensation was recently pictured hanging out with friends and wearing a cap with a hole cut in the top to accommodate for her signature high pony…. Hmmm, okay.

We can’t decide whether we think this fashion-meets-beauty move is insanely creative or just plain insane, but we will admit it did put a smile on our faces.

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Baseball caps are a major fashion trend right now, and Ariana has proved there’s no need to chose between your pony and wearing a cap.

Fans took to social media to express their obsession with the idea and appreciation for her dedication to her ponytail.

Ariana responded to tweets by revealing that she actually has MORE THAN A FEW hats specially altered to allow room for her ponytail.


We have to give it to her. She has proved her level of devotion and we can’t help but be impressed.

And we’ve learnt some things for sure. 1) A cute way to wear hats and high ponytails simultaneously. 2) Don’t get between Ariana and her pony.

Then again, we suppose we’d cut a cap if it got in the way of us working our fave beauty look.

Caps, you’ve officially been warned.

By Catherine Delves