Anti-Ageing Cream: The 10 Best Wrinkle Reducers

What is the best anti ageing cream on the market? Read on to find out the ones we swear by.

We’ve heard it a million times: that prevention 
is key when it comes to anti-ageing. And with more advanced skincare brands around than ever, we’ve never been better armed to tackle skin issues head on. But do we really need to be worrying about wrinkles in our twenties or thirties?

It’s not uncommon to freak at the first signs of fine lines, but reaching for strong anti-ageing face creams too soon can actually have an adverse affect.

As organisms go, skin is pretty clever, but if you start giving it lotions and potions to do its job, it will become lazy. This will mean a) your skin will crave the help and b) those science packed serums will be less effective later on in life – when you really need them.

Simple Dermatologist Dr Phillippa Lowe explains, “Keep things simple by focusing on hydrating your skin and protecting against sun damage and pollution.” What you need now is; hydration, protection and prevention. Save the big guns for later on.

What Is The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream For Your 30s?

Niviea’s Daily Essentials Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF15, £9.98.


When you hit thirty though, we’re sorry to say that your skin will need a little more help. It’s not all bad news, as mainstream brands are really upping their skincare, meaning you really can put the ageing process at bay without spending an absolute fortune. One of our hero products that’s potent but not so rich that is causes clogged pores and breakouts is Niviea’s Daily Essentials Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF15, £9.98.

Your main concerns are dullness and the diminishing production of collagen (which is what causes wrinkles). Dr Lowe suggests to look out of products that contain Retinol, as “it helps to stimulate collagen production and is great for keeping skin plump and reducing fine lines.

Plus looking our for products that include gentle exfoliating ingredients such as mild AHAs (glycolic acids, lactic acids) and BHAs (salicylic acid)” which will help with brightness.

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What is the Best Wrinkle Cream On The Market?

To help you along on your way to tackling skin problems – we’ve rounded up the best anti-wrinkle creams on the high street that will get you looking youthful and glowy in no time. It’s pretty impossible to pick just one but each of these are packed with anti-ageing vitamins that help to repair lines, smooth pores, get rid of pigmentation and get you looking 10 years younger in no time. They’re all different but they all work at reducing the signs of ageing.

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So forget pricey procedures like botox and face-lifts, keeping the wrinkles at bay is as easy as applying the right face cream. Now all you have to do is find the right one, click through our gallery to find the perfect partner for your skin (and budget), it couldn’t be easier. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for complexion perfection – just don’t blame us if you start getting asked for ID in the supermarket!