Want Brows Like Cara’s? They’re Yours With This £20 Buy

Thanks to the nation’s crush on Cara Delevingne, big brows are big news. The catwalk queen has brought back full, impact-making arches and now we all want a piece of the action…

Cue cult new product, Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer.

If you’ve ever overplucked (that’ll be all of us, then), powders and pencils just don’t really cut it when it comes to recreating a natural-looking power brow. Which is why Silk’s Fibre Enhancer is proving such a hit.

An influx of new products claim to help boost the volume of brow hairs, but Fibre Brow Enhancer actually creates the appearance of new strands thanks to a concoction of tiny fibres which cling to hair, and even skin. So even if you’ve got just a wisp of a brow (or none at all), you can create strong, shapely arches.

Simply brush on the fibres, which set in around 60 seconds. And for the best match, there are four shades available.

The fibres are suspended in a thin waterproof powder, so while they won’t wash off in the rain (phew!), they can be wiped off along with the rest of your make-up when it’s time for bed.

Proving the product’s clout, it’s already huge in Australia. And given that they’re the folks who brought us Dr Paw Paw’s cult ointment, you know that anything with Aussie beauty fans’ seal of approval is worth a go.

Luckily for us Brits, Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer has just hit the shelves at Boots and it’s only £19.99 for a bottle, which provide san average of 120 applications.

If this product lives up to the hype, it could just be the brow hero we’ve been waiting for…

By Hayley Spencer